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Located at 15591 County Road D50 in Bryan, OH, Riehle Construction has been a locally owned and operated general construction company and contractor since 1970. We are a family owned business with a Better Business Bureau rating of A+. Hi-Tech Foundations by Riehle Construction was established in 1998 for the purpose of specializing in foundation repair and being a local certified dealer for the CHANCE® Helical Pier Foundation Systems. The CHANCE® Company has been in business since 1907.

The CHANCE® Helical Pier Foundation Systems is a patented stabilizing system that works on the principle of turning a screw into stable sub-soil. Lifting brackets attached to the CHANCE® Piers and under the foundation can put the structure back on grade. Hubbell Power Systems, Inc. maintains an ICC Evaluation Service report ESR-2794 for the U.S. and Evaluation Report CCMC 13193-R for Canada. This demonstrates that our systems have been independently evaluated by a third party administrator to ensure that our products meet building code requirements.

Many existing and new structures are using the CHANCE® Helical Piers Foundation Systems where unstable soil problems exist. CHANCE® Helical Piers have the best warranty in the industry.

Riehle Construction got into the piering business after building a new home on a lake for a customer and it sunk. The home was purchased by Riehle Construction relieving the home owner of all the worries. To remedy the problem, the CHANCE® Helical Piers System appeared to be the most economical and best value to solve the problem. The home was 11” out of level but was raised successfully, with the CHANCE® Helical Piers system. When the project was completed, Intech Anchoring Systems, Inc., the distributor for CHANCE®, offered us the dealership for our area. We accepted the offer due to the challenge and excitement of the project. Hi-Tech Foundation Systems was established to do those projects and do them right. It has been a very satisifying experience to be able to fix a problem and know that it is a great value for our customer. We have had the privilege of working on 1000’s of projects with over 7,000 piers installed to date.

For more information about Hi-Tech Foundations and the CHANCE® Helical Piers Foundation Systems, or find out if your foundation is sinking, call 1-877-SINKING or 1-877-746-5464.